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The Keys to Success

The key to a life with no limits, lies within all of us. Together let’s unlock your inner greatness and uncover your true talents and abilities.  

Breakthrough Barriers

Often our past challenges hold us back from finding success today. Together we’ll breakthrough barriers that keep you stuck and get you moving forward and living the life you desire and truly deserve!

Hit Your Goals

Finally… let’s build on your talents, set and hit the goals that are attainable for you. Moving your life and business to a whole new level!

Here’s What Other’s Had to Say…

When I started with Steve’s coaching program, I was stuck. 

I was stuck in my head behind fears and doubts. I had no confidence and felt very overwhelmed and frustrated.

Because of Steve’s coaching program I have made many breakthroughs. I now have the confidence I need to achieve my goals. Steve has given me hope and really helped me create a vision for the life I want. 

I am now achieving my goals in my business, and I am confident in my ability to become the person I want to become. 

If you are looking for a coach that will bring out your inner greatness, someone that will push you to the next level, someone that will help you break through your mindset blocks I highly recommend Steve Krivda’s coaching program.

Danielle Emerson

Steve!! This past couple weeks have been great! I closed $600 in sales and added (3) New Sign ups to my business… from what I learned in your closing training.
Thank you!!

Stevie Wonder Cyrus

This is CRAZY!! Just 1 day after attending your webinar on closing, I had the best day ever! Literally just did what you said. Nothing fancy. 4 new enrollments!!! It was so easy it didn’t feel right! But if feels so RIGHT. Steve, you are the man!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Ryan Cody McMorris

Your Powerful Transformation is Just a Click Away!

A huge thank you to Steven C. Krivda for our incredible coaching call this morning.

He identified major patterns in my life that have been affecting my results. So Powerful!

Looking forward to our next session.

Stephenie McGuffog

Thank you so much Steve!

I’m a NEW BOLDER more DRIVEN PURPOSEFUL person today, because of YOU!


Debora Rogers

When you’re on the journey fighting for a dream, it’s great to have powerful insight. Thank you for sharing faith, mindset, strategy and simplicity when confusion /fear manipulated me. My GPS to Success makes so much sense now. Krivda, you are a thousand blessings.

Shatieya Tanay

Fear of Success

Building a new business can be a daunting, yet extremely exciting experience!  Then we come across many reasons why we can’t move forward and one of them is the fear of success! Let’s uncover the underlying issue behind this and propel your business forward.

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is often associated with perfectionism, this can lead to becoming paralyzed and doing nothing at all. What is really behind this challenge? Learn how to push past your analysis paralysis. Learn whats behind these fears in your life, so that you can start building a viable business and improving your life.

Unlock Your Inner Greatness

The key to a life without limits, lies within all of us. Together let’s unlock your inner greatness and uncover your true talents and abilities.  

Just had a mind blowing coaching call from Steven C. Krivda! My mindset is clear and I’m in a place of infinite possibilities. All things are possible and I’m stepping into my greatness! I seriously feel like there are no limits! Thank you Steve!!

Danielle Emerson

I had a huge breakthrough tonight that was tearing me apart. With your guidance Steven C. Krivda, I see clearly what I am going to do. It will be hard, but there will be love behind it, rather than guilt.

Your insight and amazing ability to lead us has shifted my thinking on many things and brought down walls! You have helped our entire group with our mindset, which has lead into growing our businesses. amazing! I feel Blessed to be a part of this group, where we all support one another and there is absolutely no judgement. I love it!

Thank you, Coach! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Kathy Joy

Hey Steve – this THANK YOU is way WAY overdue! I just have to say “WOW!” I’ve been watching the changes manifest themselves in me over the last couple weeks. They all point back to the sessions we had over the phone, across two countries! Your counsel, your wisdom, your sharing, and your faith spoke to me on so many HEALING levels. You are a gift to this profession…to the world! May God continue to bless you in all things! Now I am ready to rock n roll and serve on a whole different level! Thanks, my friend!

Dana Hagstrom

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The Keys to Success Await You

Just got off of one of the most incredible call with my buddy Steve Krivda….   Seriously such a cool dude who totally knows his stuff in so many areas. We did some awesome mindset stuff that I have never done before and I was beyond impressed. 
I didn’t even realize where some of my own personal limiting beliefs come from or that I even had them! They stem from completely unexpected places too, which is crazy how that works.  Very fascinating stuff! 
If mindset is something you need or want to work on, I highly suggest you check out his course and talk with him about some one on one work.  Seriously such a cool dude who totally over-delivers. Krivda, you rock my friend!
Jen Johnson

OMG Steven I just got my first paying coaching client. I did not believe I could set my coaching price for over a $1000 and that somebody will still pay for it… and someone actually did. I’m so excited!
And the coolest part is this is exactly the Avatar we created at the beginning of our session. It’s freaking unbelievable that this is the exact same avatar we created – creepy but awesome. Thanks for your coaching and believing in me, it’s worth every time and investment made!
Andy Atsugah

Three years and counting! What started out as an acquaintance has turned into a deep rooted friendship. What puts me in awe and what I’m so grateful for is what I have been able to accomplish with the support and belief from Steve. A mentor, an inspiration, most importantly, a very very dear dear friend.
Oh did I mention super coach? What we have been able to achieve in these last few years, Is more than I have been able to accomplish in the 20 years before! He’s been there in good times and been there for bad times too. As a matter fact he’s been there any time! Most of all I can be vulnerable without fear of judgement.
Thank you Steve for being in my life, I am forever grateful.
Holly Fitch Stevens

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want” 

~ Zig Ziglar ~

Building People and Transforming Lives

Are You Ready to Reach Your Highest Potential?

Steve, Thanks so much for helping me break through those personal challenges we discussed that was having a direct impact on my business. Without your coaching and mentoring, my business would have continued to suffer.  I appreciate all you’ve taught me and now I can tell you, and validate, that personal or any challenges are a thing of the past. My business is back on track thanks to you!!
Jim Beyea

Thanks Steve. You are awesome! After our call, I felt unstoppable.
I just wanted you to know that I decided to create a group coaching for 32 people, and just today alone 8 people signed up for my group coaching.
I am enough, #iamperfect
You are awesome. You are the man!
Candace Bui-Walston

“Had a great first coaching session with Steve! My head was swirling with all these ideas of where to go with my business in 2019. Steve helped me get laser focused on a few income producing activities and we mapped out a clear action plan, so I walked away knowing exactly HOW and WHAT I was going to do to move my business forward and generate revenue over the next 30 days!”
Lindsay Sewell

Start Living The Life of Your Dreams

Wow! November 2018 gone!
Since I started flying with Eagles, I have been able to create a beautiful coaching business, while hitting the leaderboard in my affiliate business AND being on the leaderboards for the past 2 months… currently holding #8 plus as of 4 days ago hit L3.
I am grateful for your guidance, support and Energy Steven C. Krivda! God Bless you always
Yolanda Kennerly

I always knew Steven was great at what he does, but to experience what I did with him today was just simply amazing! I had no clue what I got myself into, but I trusted him. I have been feeling stuck for a while now, and not sure how and if I would ever get out of the funk that I was in. During our coaching call today, he helped me to see some patterns in my life that caused me to get into the situation I was in and that kept me stuck in it. He also helped me to get my energy and drive back through an exercise. After the exercise, I felt so refreshed, almost as if I was reborn. I’m feeling unstoppable now! Thanks, Steven C. Krivda, you are the master of getting people unstuck.  Luv you Steven!
Candace Bui-Walston

A big shout out to Steven C. Krivda! Loved your webinar on closing last week. I immediately started putting some of your tips to work. Stopped focusing on myself, make it about serving the other person and lastly to know when it’s not a fir for someone.
The result: Just enrolled 2 new people in my business this past week.
Thank you! You Rock!
Lindsay Sewell

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