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You’re here because you’re ready to Next Level your coaching

Or maybe you’re a future coach that’s looking create a World Class Coaching business.

Either way, scroll on down and let’s see if we’re a fit.

There’s nobody better than Steve that can help you identify the “Ropes that hold you back”.
Legend, Author of Choose to Win and Son of Zig Ziglar
Tom Ziglar

I’ve been coaching with Steve for less than 2 months… Today I sent out a $30,000 and a $25,000 proposal and they were accepted!
Steve helped be “Set Myself Free”
Coach Jordan Hoopingarner “Funnel Expert”

Steve provided me with the confidence and tools to launch a Successful Coaching Business
Business Coach
Michael Hurd

I created a $3,000 client, just this week.
Corporate Coach
Tony Schmaltz

I went from Scared, asking for a Couple Hundred Dollars… to Confidently Writing Proposals of $11,000 – $15,000 and Knowing My Value backs it up.
Impact Business Coach
Danica Trebel

What is Eagles Impact Coaching

You’ll Learn:

  • How to create clients – what I specifically say to create hundreds of thousand of dollars IN COACHING SERVICES
  • Why you consistently receive “No’s” “Let me get back to you” “Not right now
  • How to create extraordinary experiences for your clients
  • How to create a coaching business outside of social media
  • How to create the amount to charge per your own value (create the price and live into the value)
  • How to create a sustainable, results driven, duplicatable coaching business

Note: This is for powerful people that are willing to step into the Impact Zone, that ripples through eternity.

This Is a Live, Hands On Course, with
Real Life Coaching in a Powerfully Practical Setting.

I am Creating 3-5 Clients per month and Reached 5 Figures in my Coaching Business, In just 4 months from launch.
Fitness Coach
Markeith Gaines

I was able to meet my 12 Months goals in 1.5 months! Steve will help you reach your “Best Self” even if you don’t see that person yet.
Marketing Expert and Business Coach
Bob Romine 

I haven’t felt this excited about life in over a year!
Katherine Redekopp 

What is Eagles Impact Coaching


This Coaching Is Not For You…

  • If you’re not sure if The Coaching Profession is for you.

  • If you’re not willing to commit to this life altering journey. 

  • You’re only in coaching for the money.

  • Not willing to run your coaching business, like a Business

This Coaching Is For You If You…

  • Understand the power of coaching and has had coaching themselves. 

  • Have coached in the past… Probono or Paid… and ready to move into a professional realm of coaching. 

  • Have been training/consulting and ready to create bigger impact/breakthrough for clients. 

  • Know you have Coaching Ability and are ready to create the next level of your life and your client’s life.

  • You’re ready to finally get paid for the value that you produce.

  • Are someone that understands that you are where you are, from what you know now…

Course Details: 

  • Eagles Impact Coaching Certification

  • Over 25 Power Packed Expert Coaching Modules to Learn at Your Own Pace

  • 1-1 Coaching Inside The Sanctity of Our Own Group

  • Powerful Enrollment Process To Create Clients From Any Conversation

  • Live Coaching Weekly on Group Sessions

  • (1) 60-90 Minute Deep Dive Battle Plan Call

  • 16 “Live” Powerful 90+ minute Group Coaching sessions together to Deep Dive into Powerful Coaching, Recorded For Your Records

  • Direct Access to Steve Krivda via support chat -Email & Voxer

  • Plug and Play Coaching System Proven To Create Breakthroughs

  • Accountability from me and the community to keep you on track to hitting your goals

  • Top Values
  • Exploring Beliefs
  • SMART Goals Sheet
  • Personal SWOT Analysis
  • Internal Representational System Preference Test
  • Comfort Zones Worksheet
  • Personal Feedback Assessment
  • Coaching Assessment
  • Business Coaching Tools
  • Advanced Coaching Tools

I didn’t know where to start… In a few short months, I had my first coaching client AND it paid for our 1 on 1 package. thank you Steve
Sales Coach
Andy Atsugah